Change Through Innovation

The shift from fee-for service to value based reimbursement and limited system capacity has created an incentive for change through innovation in healthcare diagnosis and prevention, integrated care delivery, improved care management – quality of life, and efficient provider-patient encounters. The cost of healthcare in the US accounts for almost 20% of the gross domestic product, 5% greater than the next closest country’s spending, and the cost per capita has continued to increase over the past four decades. Research and development on innovations can also be costly. Therefore, it’s important for creators to understand compliance requirements, reimbursement policies, consumer behaviors and barriers so the return is maximized.

DBG uses a reimbursement and healthcare strategic positioning lens to help healthcare tech startups build a solid foundation. We work with your team to:

  • Build knowledge on current healthcare trends and opportunities that can create a competitive edge
  • Assess risks based on policies, reimbursement and other barriers that would limit profitability
  • Create people strategy that identifies the skills, experience and team dynamics needed to successfully grow