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About Us

Unveiling Our Commitment To Helping Healthcare Organizations Thrive

Durant Bailey Group is a healthcare CEO’s operations and efficiency partner. We work with your managers to analyze, diagnose, and solve challenges so your departments can exceed their targets. We’re experienced at navigating regulatory requirements, fine-tuning organizational processes, and maximizing internal customer satisfaction and finance staff engagement.

  • Strategic & Analytic Development
  • Business Transition & Process Design
  • Healthcare Innovation
  • Talent Development

Angela Wells-Sims

DBG Principal

Unlocking Success

Our Vision

Durant Bailey Group strives to be a highly respected and top sought-after partner for healthcare organizations seeking to align people and processes for optimal performance. We thoroughly evaluate and customize solutions that build up our client’s teams for increased performance and sustainabilty. As we work with you, we:

  • Bring uncompromising level of integrity and ethical conduct
  • Build positive relationships by prioritizing outstanding customer service.
  • Froster innovation that drives progress and efficiency.
  • Focus on people development for improved employee engagement and satisfaction.

Unlocking Success

Our Story

When running an organization or managing teams, you constantly wonder if you’re delivering services, goods, or information that matters. Are your executing effectively? Are your operations efficient? Are you exemplifying a culture of innovation that adds value? The answer to organizational success relies on how agile your organization is in responding to change and how well you demonstrate customer service consistently across all business functions.

After more than 20 years in corporate management developing the ability of teams to quickly adjust to change, connect with the mission of the organization and deliver customer value, our founder, Angela Wells-Sims, decided to share this experience more broadly through Durant Bailey Group. What makes Durant Bailey different from other consulting firms is we meet you where you are to build your teams up for increased performance and sustainability. We’re not looking to be a permanent line item in your budget but a snapshot on your timeline supporting your goals and creating solutions for the problems keeping you up at night.